Frequently Asked Questions

Is the information on Available Property current?
Yes. It is usually updated within 24 hours.
I don't see what I am looking for. When are new properties listed?
New Properties are listed as soon as we know they are available. Unexpected properties do come up and are posted ASAP, so check back weekly. Also, it is best to check around 30 days before you need something as we usually know a property will be available about 30 days in advance.
Do you own your properties or just manage them?
We own them. We have usually built them new or renovated them ourselves. Unlike other management companies that do not own their property, we have a substantial stake in making sure our properties are in their best condition and offer the highest quality amenities of any home in that price range. From time to time, we will manage properties for third party owners who share our vision and desire to offer well maintained properties at competitive prices.
How long are your lease terms?
Although 1 year is preferred, we do offer 3, 6 or 9 month leases on some properties, depending on seasonal and other factors. In some cases, an additional monthly charge may apply. Please inquire about any specific requests.
Is there an application fee?
We charge a minimal application fee of $30.00.
How do I qualify? Do you check credit?
A prior (positive) rental reference is preferred. If that is unavailable, there are a variety of other factors we will use which we will explain to you in person. We generally do not pull credit; if necessary, you will be informed prior to doing so and a small charge may apply.
Are pets allowed?
Most properties allow pets; a small pet deposit and additional monthly fee may apply. Fish in aquariums and birds in cages do not incur additional pet deposits/fees. Ordinary cats and dogs are generally acceptable; there may be a limit to the total number of pets depending on the property. Certain types of pets are never allowed due to liability and damage concerns. A partial list is: Potentially vicious dogs such as Rottweilers, Dobermans, Pit Bulls etc. Oversized dogs such as St. Bernards or Mastiffs, etc, Rodents or Rabbits of any sort. Reptiles of any sort. Any animal or pet not allowed due to local, state or other applicable ordinance or deemed inappropriate by JMG.
Are any properties for sale?
Some properties are available with lease options. Please inquire about a specific property.
Are there any rent specials?
From time to time we will offer seasonal or short term move in specials We will tell you about these when you inquire. Feel free to inquire about a specific property.
I am a Rental Property Owner. Will you manage my property?
We will always look at any service we can provide for you. We primarily look for well maintained properties, regardless of age, that do not have a lot of deferred maintenance. We also want to make sure that third party properties we manage are not located in areas that conflict with currently managed properties, so as to be fair to our company, other owners, and you.
My question has not been answered here. Who do I ask?
Contact us